The Costa Maya adventure park turns a family vacation into an expedition

About Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom
Find your adventure in the confines of the Mayan jungle. Splash, slide, zip and join the fun in Costa Maya’s newest adventure park!


Located in the fisherman village of Mahahual, the Costa Maya adventure park turns a family vacation into an expedition filled with fun where you will find adrenaline defying the legends of Mayan gods and mythological creatures, enjoy thrilling water park slides with falls of up to 78 feet and fly across the air through 12 lines of zip line with spectacular views of the small fisherman village of Mahahual, the Mexican Caribbean and the thick jungle.

Imitate the flight of the mystical feathered serpent (Kukulcán) atop the innovative zip coaster: a zip line with the turns and twists of a roller coaster; discover the legend of the great Balam-Cahob while relaxing on an inner tube in the Jaguar River or simply taking a break on a hammock or beach chair by the pool. For smaller and younger expedicionaries, the Monkey’s Island is the ideal activities for kids to play, jump and enjoy smaller slides.

Costa Maya Water Slides

Deep in the jungle, all brave expeditionaries who dare enter the thickness of the jungle will find hidden in the Lost Mayan Kingdom a timeless opportunity to feed their hunger for adrenaline by undertaking the nine levels of adventure and daring the legends of Xibalba and the Mayá civilization on 12 slides with different degrees of thrill. Work your way up from the smaller slides to the most daring ones in the new adventure park!

Adventure Zip Lines

The world of the winds in Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom is ruled by two deities: the Eagle and the Toucan, each with the wisdom of an ancient civilization to grant man the power of flight. The two courses each include 6 lines to complete the Costa Maya zip line course plus the rope course which is hidden in one of the courses. Both flight circuits end in a spectacular splash in a water landing.

Kukulcan Flight, Zip Coaster

Feathered serpent, the divinity of creation, breath of life, lord of the winds, Kukulcán descended from the heavens to teach man the secrets of agriculture and medicine. Kukulcan’s flight combines the technology of a zip line with the twists and turns of a roller coaster, simulating the swift movement of slithering through the sky as a feathered serpent and end with a splash in the water landing.

Jaguar River Expedition

Balam, lord of the animals, fierce hunter and protector of the fields and the Lost Mayan Kingdom. The legendary tales that surround Mayá Adventure Park are whispered through the leaves of the jungle and the murmurs of the water. Immerse yourself in the story deep in the Jaguar River as you enjoy the sounds of nature and perhaps uncover the legends of the Mayan civilization.

Monkey’s Island

With pint-sized slides and miniature pools, the kid’s area at Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom is reserved for our smallest expedicionaries who will know at heart the way to reach the island of fun for a day filled with laughter and excitement in this kid-sized version of Costa Maya park attractions. Remember for all kid’s activities, an adult must supervise.

Relax Pool

After you’ve left every bit of adrenaline behind and need to rest or simply recharge to have a second round at those Costa Maya zip lines, head to the resting areas located throughout the park to recharge. Freshen up in the pool, take a sit in one of the beach chairs or be one of the privilege few to grab a quick nap in the hammock island.


A fun-filled day of excitement and thrills is waiting for you with this Costa Maya activity! Venture into the Mayan jungle in the Mexican Caribbean to an earthly paradise called Costa Maya and prepare your adventure.

Entrance Mayá,
Lost Mayan Kingdom
$ 99.00 USD adults
$ 89.00 USD children

Slide down an 82-feet slide, fly a-top the region’s luscious vegetation, feel the thrill of Kukulcan’s flight, a one-of-a-kind zip coaster or relax in the Jaguar River while you uncover the mysterious history behind an abandoned archaeological excavation.

  • Zip line circuits
  • Kukulcan’s flight (zip coaster)
  • Water slides
  • Jaguar River Expedition
  • Relax Pool
  • Monkey’s Island (Kid’s Area)
  • The Aluxes Walkway
  • Rest areas
  • Bathrooms and facilities
  • Elevator
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