Hidden Jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Hidden Paradise

Mahahual is the last hidden paradise in the Mexican Caribbean and has been named as such by its visitors who find here the source for tranquility, culture and adventure.

Before the arrival of the Costa Maya cruise port, the charming small town of Mahahual served the fisherman whose main economic activity was lobster and conch fishing. Today, the port and town are the hub of a thriving and fast-growing travel industry with Mexico’s second largest port and a well-built infrastructure to be the strategic center of travel for the entire coast where sun, sea and adventure abound.

Handmade Vacation

With acres of unspoiled land, deserted beaches and proximity to the heart of the Mayan world, Costa Maya offers its visitors an array of options to cater to almost every type of traveler – whether you want to hop on for an adventure on a 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle, discover the secrets of the ancient Maya, dip your toes in the depths of the world’s second largest coral reef or simply enjoy the view – your vacation hand-made for you.


Thick jungle, unspoiled terrain and the roaring of the motor are the components for this adventure. Hop on and heed the call of the jungle. After the dust has settled and the mud slides off, all that’s left if the memories of an extraordinary and fun-filled adventure. Go deep into the Mexican Caribbean to discover the rich marine life of the world’s second largest coral reef hidden underneath the blue of the sea. Splash, slide and zip across the Mayan jungle in the coast newest themed adventure park, Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom.


Considered one of the most popular tours in Costa Maya, the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins tour takes you deep into the heart of an ancient civilization to learn the mystery behind the Mayan cosmology. Join us on a journey to the ancient place of Mayan pilgrimage known today as Chacchoben, “The Place of Red Corn.” The archaeological site has only been open to the public since 2002 and many parts of the Mayan city remain hidden by the thickness of the jungle. For travellers, the exploration of the lesser-known site is a unique opportunity to add a distinctiveness to your vacation.


The dream of sitting in an almost deserted white-sand beach is more than just an illusion, it’s Mahahual. With acres of pristine beach, your r&b in the Mexican Caribbean is designed to your liking – whether you choose to spend it sitting on a beach chair with a cocktail in your hand, floating in the calm, transparent waters of the sea or simply enjoying the most amazing views – the beach is your oyster.



Located in a prime location in Mahahual’s beach boulevard, the private beach club “Beach Escape” is the perfect location to relax, recharge and relish in the seaside splendor of Costa Maya. Stroll the white sandy shoreline, kayak into the sea, swim in the Mexican Caribbean, join the festive party mode or simply lounge by a beach chair while sipping on a cocktail – the Beach Escape is perfect getaway to get away.

With a 50s theme, the beach club is the only one in Mahahual with a private pool and a swim-up bar. Join family, friends and other guests in the lively atmosphere of a private beach-pool party while sipping cocktails, lounging by a chair or simply enjoying the view from the water.

Enjoy all the amenities including pool, beach chairs, bathrooms, changing rooms, lockers, showers, palapas, kayaks and ask about our snorkeling tours to enjoy far more than meets the eye.

How to get There

Nestled in the remote small town of Mahahual in the southern part of the state of Quintana Roo in the Mexican Caribbean, the Costa Maya area is a hidden gem with the complete charm of a sleepy town in Mexico and all the fun-packed adventures of an undiscovered paradise.

There are two ways to reach the Costa Maya destination: by land or by sea. Whether you’re arriving into Mexico’s second most important cruise port on board the industry’s most prominent cruise ships or arriving through Quintana Roo’s main highway – the expedition to discover the land of adventure will be worth it.

Driving into mahahual, in Costa Maya

From Riviera Maya to the tip of the state of Quintana Roo and into Costa Maya, the main highway (HIGHWAY xx) connects all the major tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. There are two international airports that connect the world to the state of Quintana Roo – the Cancun International Airport and the terminal in Chetumal, capital of the state.

From Cancun, Mahahual is located 4 hours away through a scenic drive on the state’s main highway passing through the main towns of the destination including Playa del Carmen and Tulum, located in the Riviera Maya.

From the Chetumal International Airport, Mahahual is located approximately 2 hours away and passing by the magical town of Bacalar and its 7 colors lagoon.

Costa Maya Cruise Port

With a renovated and modern port, Costa Maya welcomes thousands of travelers arriving on one of the majestic cruise ships from Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Lines or one of the lesser-known cruise ships.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the festive mood of the Mexican Caribbean and the rhythms of the Mayan civilization to enjoy a wide range of activities to serve all types of travelers – from thrill-seekers to cultural hunters.